Pilatus PC-24 Corporate Jet

The Pilatus PC-24 is like no other business class jet in the world. Its impressive take-off and landing performance allows it to access more of NZ’s smaller airports than other jets its size, all without compromising speed or luxury.

  • Range: 1800NM / 3334km
  • Max Speed: 440kn / 815km/h
  • Passengers: 8
  • Ceiling: 45000ft

If you are considering the PC-24, most of your destinations will be around NZ, although the range does reach across the Tasman and to the Pacific Islands with ease.

One of the incredible features of the PC-24 is that it is certified for use on unsealed runways, which opens up more destinations than any other jet on the market. The PC-24 can also be flown with only one pilot reducing crew costs if desired. 

Versatility is really the PC-24’s trump card – The only jet of its kind to have a large cargo door that opens upward, each passenger seat is easily removable and the aft partition can be moved to increase space in either the passenger cabin or luggage compartment for each and every flight making the loading of items such as bikes and ski’s easy. 

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