Our helicopters can be configured with custom equipment for surveying. Eagleflight engineers ensure that any modifications are safe, legal and altogether fit for purpose - ultimately serving to maximise efficiency and minimise down time for troubleshooting. We have experience in LiDAR systems, environmental monitoring equipment and various specialist camera rigs to name but a few.
In early 2023 Auckland was hit by a severe rainfall event which led to landslips across the city. We were able to respond with a complete LiDAR survey of the Auckland Coastline within days allowing authorities to make critical assessments of properties. We were also able to rapid transport for medical and communications supplies to Hawkes Bay and Tairāwhiti in the aftermath of cyclone Gabrielle.
When your staff or expensive precision equipment is onboard a helicopter, safety has to be of utmost importance. Our safety management system is beyond comprehensive, and we have earnt our incident-free safety history by design, not by chance. If your operations require, we can provide a twin engine platform with our Bell 427 (above). Enquire today to see how we can assist you with your next project.