Airbus H145 Corporate Helicopter

The Airbus H145 is a twin engine helicopter, with club seating for 9 passengers and the co-pilot’s seat available for a 10th. A large clamshell style luggage compartment combined with an excellent power to weight ratio makes the H145 an extremely capable helicopter, considered to be class leading for its combination of range, comfort and reliability.

  • Range: 370NM / 680km
  • Max Speed: 140kn / 268km/h
  • Passengers: 9-10
  • Ceiling: 17000ft (A standard VFR cruise height in NZ is 1500-3000ft above ground level)

The Airbus H145 is the highest capacity helicopter that can land at many lodges, restaurants and private properties in places like Waiheke Island without breaching noise restrictions, so it is the ultimate aircraft for those that want the stability, capacity and redundancy of a larger twin engine helicopter with the flexibility to get in and out of all the destinations on the itinerary.


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