Falcon 50 Executive Jet

The Dassault Falcon 50 is a French long range business jet with a tri-jet layout. It strikes a good balance between range, runway performance and speed. With a cabin 7 metres long and transcontinental range, it still boasts a high cruise speed and has proved itself one of the most efficient corporate jets on the market.

  • Range: 3075NM / 5695km
  • Max Speed: 548kn / 1015km/h
  • Passengers: 8-9
  • Ceiling: 49000ft

The last Falcon 50 was built in 2007, meaning that there are many available on the second-hand market, with impressive features and sleek interiors. Although the airframe is an older design, modernisation and upgraded features across most examples mean that with a Falcon 50 you can get a jet that rivals modern equivalents on range, comfort and running cost with a low up front purchase price.


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