Citation Sovereign Private Jet

Cessna’s Citation Sovereign is a balance between comfort, high performance, and efficiency. The high point of the Sovereign is its range. It is easily able to fly with a full load of passengers to Australia and features the ability to fly at a cruise speed of approximately .75 Mach.

  • Range: 3000NM / 5556km
  • Max Speed: 460kn / 850km/h
  • Passengers: 12
  • Ceiling: 47000ft

The Cessna Citation Sovereign (Model 680) is an American business jet developed by Cessna, part of the Cessna Citation family. Announced at the 1998 NBAA convention, the Model 680 made its maiden flight in February 2002, certification was awarded on June 2, 2004, and deliveries began in late September.

The cabin is equipped with many comforts, making this jet a top contender in its class of private aircraft. Another strength of the Citation Sovereign is the luggage capacity, which is on par with some larger jets. The Sovereign is optimised for charter flights 4-6 hours in duration which makes it an ideal option for those looking to make regular trips across the Tasman and to the Pacific, with up to 8 passengers flying in comfort on these longer trips.

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Citation Sovereign

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